Yew wood has long been appre­ci­at­ed for its excep­tion­al hard­ness and tough­ness, due to the slow growth of the tree. These excel­lent qual­i­ties were already recog­nised in the Mid­dle Ages, which is why yew was pre­ferred for the pro­duc­tion of bow weapons. It has very thin annu­al rings. The col­or is extra­or­di­nar­i­ly beau­ti­ful. The sap­wood is yel­low­ish white, the heart­wood is a red­dish to red- brown with exquis­ite grains and nat­u­ral­ly formed pat­terns. The wood is sol­id, very durable, dense, but also elas­tic — a first class vari­ety for wood turning.