This tree grows main­ly in the Alpine/Mountain regions. The out­er light yel­low sap­wood is nar­row and only a few cen­time­tres in diam­e­ter. The heart­wood is char­ac­terised by a red­dish-brown col­or, which can vary in inten­si­ty depend­ing on the wood. Over­time this usu­al­ly dark­ens to brown. The dark annu­al rings in larch wood are clear­ly dif­fer­en­ti­at­ed from the lighter growth lay­ers. They form a high-con­trast struc­ture in cut larch wood, which has either strik­ing stripes or a tongue-shaped grain. Like pine, larch has fine resin chan­nels. It is one of the heav­i­est and hard­est native woods.