Elms are matured heart­wood trees. They are con­sid­ered to be one of the most prized woods. The beau­ti­ful and indi­vid­ual grain is par­tic­u­lar­ly well suit­ed for the pro­duc­tion of our unique items and prod­ucts. The colours can be high­ly var­ied, rang­ing from a yel­low-whitish, yel­low-grey, yel­low-red­dish to brown-red­dish hues. The ear­ly wood has strik­ing annu­al rings. The ves­sels of the elm are arranged in numer­ous rings. The late wood pores are very fine. Ear­ly wood pores pro­vide clear stripes and a fine or live­ly load. The wood is tough, result­ing in a very fine, smooth and shiny surface.