Alder trees belong to the sap­wood tree fam­i­ly, so the heart­wood and sap­wood in the tree have lit­tle to no dif­fer­ence. The wood col­or varies from a red­dish white to red­dish-yel­low and some­times a light red­dish brown. Alder dark­ens when exposed to light. The tints of the wood can be stronger or lighter, depend­ing on the species. Alder wood is soft and has a uni­form but fine struc­ture. Alder is in the medi­um-heavy indige­nous woods cat­e­go­ry. Com­pared to oth­er species, the wood is less firm and less elas­tic. Annu­al ring bound­aries are only slight­ly pro­nounced, but the annu­al rings are clear­ly vis­i­ble on the less porous and denser late-wood. Alder wood often shows mar­row marks.