Bundi Boutique – a showroom in the epicentre of nature

In the hills above Meilen where the air is crisp, and clear blue skies unveil glis­ten­ing moun­tain tops, sits my hum­ble but refined show­room. This is where I present numer­ous unique pieces and prod­ucts from my wood­turn­ing work­shop in styl­ish­ly ren­o­vat­ed set­ting. At Bun­di Bou­tique you can take a look at my var­i­ous cre­ations, whilst sip­ping on a glass of wine or a cof­fee. Indi­vid­ual con­tract work can be dis­cussed. Please call me to book an appoint­ment. I look for­ward to your visit.